06 - 07.10.2018
2x cacib LIPICA I. & II.

Additional information for exhibitors

NOTIFICATION - Entry deadline extended until 27.9.2018!



Indoor or outdoor dog show in new location close to border Italy / Slovenia, Gorizia – Nova Gorica.
No vignette required, camper parking place.
HIT šport center, Polje 5, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia

Dear Exhibitors!

  1. Tibetan mastiff has been moved to Ring 2 to Olegu Vasilijev, because mrs. Mikuž is not allowed to judge them. They willl be judged as the last breed in the ring at 12:57.
  2. Special shows, that are held in the afternoon on 6.10.2018 will take place in the following rings (as numerated on the ring plan):
  • Special show for FCI 5 - RING 7 in 8 (Hall C)
  • Special show for hovawart - RING 10 (Hall B)
  • Special show for rhodesian ridgeback - RING 12 (Hall B)
  • Special show for karst shepherd, which is held on 7.10.2018 will take place in RINGU 5.

    You will receive all documents for special shows near the named rings at the office of the Club organising the Special Show.